Venezuelan Animals

This is part two in my series about staying safe in Venezuela. Part 1 focused mainly on crime and violence in the cities of the North, but what about the wildlife? Here are some of our experiences during our nine months in this gem of a country. Snakes in Venezuela In the rain forests of South Venezuela, snakes are plentiful. We spent six months living in a small shack in the middle of the all this and only saw a couple. The majority are only found…Continue Reading “Staying Safe In Venezuela – Animals of the Amazon Rainforest”

IMPORTANT UPDATE: We originally wrote this article over three years ago. Since then the political situation in Venezuela has deteriorated greatly to the point where we would no longer suggest traveling to this incredible country. We have heard of daily muggings and kidnappings. We will monitor the situation and update this post if/when things improve. We have left the original post below for your reading pleasure. With it’s vast rainforest of the South, white Caribbean coastline and fascinating culture, Venezuela is a top destination for any self respecting world traveler. But…Continue Reading “How Safe Is Venezuela for Tourists?”