Train Travel in Thailand

Traveling by sleeper train in Thailand is a great experience for world nomads and travel newbies alike. They provide a great adventure, allowing many travellers to experience a new way of travel. Trains in Thailand are cheap and save you the cost of one nights hotel so they are definitely worth looking into. Flights may also be cheap, but by time you factor in check-in times and traveling from airports to towns and cities, you might find that trains are the most convenient way to…Continue Reading “Traveling by 2nd Class Sleeper Train in Thailand”

Shopping in Bangkok

Triangular pillows (also known as mon khwan or axe pillows) are an symbol of all things Thai and are found all over Thailand from the backpacker bars of Koh Tao to the palaces of Bangkok. But as soon as you start looking to buy them, they suddenly seem to be something of a rarity. WHERE TO BUY TRIANGULAR AXE PILLOWS IN BANGKOK Triangular pillows are readily available at the Chatuchak market but unfortunately the market operates at weekends only, so it is easy to miss….Continue Reading “Where to Buy a Triangular Pillow in Bangkok, Thailand”