Best Holiday Scams

So you have managed to steer clear of all the dodgy websites selling fake plane tickets and hotels don’t exist. You have successfully avoided any of the extortionate airline extras and you have dodged the scam artists trying to offer you an exchange rate that makes the rupee look more expensive then a medium sized chateau in France. Now that you have reached your dream destination, you may be forgiven for thinking that you can finally let you guard down. But at what cost? Here…Continue Reading “The Most Creative Holiday Scams”

The news of a trip to Norway is almost always met with the same response. A sharp intake of air followed by stories of cups of coffee that cost the same as the yearly GDP of a small country. Just saying Norway out loud can make your pocket feel lighter. Doing some research on Google won’t do much to allay your fears. The official Visit Norway website features an article with a list of ‘budget’ restaurants. According to this article, a budget meal will cost…Continue Reading “Visit Oslo on a Budget”